Online Services

Online Patient Services

Practices are increasingly enabling patients to be able to request repeat prescriptions and book appointments online.

Some patients may wish to access more information online and contractually since 1st April 2015 practices have been obliged to assist access to medications, allergies and adverse reactions as a minimum and from the 1st April 2016 patients have been able to access detailed coded data from their medical records. From April 2020 patiets have been able to access full medical records.

If you would like online access to your Detailed Coded and / or Full Records please read the Information document and the Practice leaflet before completing the Online Access to Medical Records Application Form. Please bring the completed form to reception along with 2 forms of identity (1 being photo ID).

Your medical records will be reviewed by a clinician. The Practice will not approve on-line access to detailed coded or full records information if it is deemed that it may cause physical and / or mental harm to the patient. Some elements may be marked as sensitive / confidential and will not be shared via Online Services.

The review of your medical records should take no longer than 28 days depending on demand. If your request has been denied, an appointment with a GP will be made to discuss the reasons for this.

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